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Practice Readers Books specializes in books with controlled text for the earliest readers and spellers. We believe the best books for beginning readers are interesting, useful, and lead to a desired goal.

Our books are categorized by phase of reading development and integrate content that engages both the reading and spelling pathways to support written language learning. Because our books are made for the earliest stages of reading development, all books are meant to be read with the feedback and support of an adult. Simple line drawings inspire imagination without competing with the text for attention.

Pre and Partial Alphabetic Phase

Your child has not yet, or is starting to, recognize and write the letters of the alphabet and know their most common sounds.

Alphabet Books 

Read to Me

Letter Sounds Abound. Letter Sounds Abound is a friendly alphabet book that introduces big ideas about how written language works. 

Alphabet Print and Colour. A companion to Letter Sounds Abound, this book is made for practice letter writing and spelling first words, as well as bringing out the artist in every child. 


Partial to Full Alphabetic

Read with Me

From Ants to Elves. This silly decodable text gradually introduces all the letters of the alphabet using one- to three-letter words.
Word Reveals. With twenty words or less, word reveals engage children in first letter-sound practice with small subsets of letters. Each book uses a single vowel with select consonants. Adult read text guides children to spell and sound out first words. 

Fast Flips. Focus on basic letter-sound relationships and first vowels, including high-frequency 2 and 3 letter words with non-standard pronunciations.

Elkonin Spellers. Beginner spelling practice with Elkonin boxes.

Vowel Mysteries. Help your child master short vowel sounds with these texts that allow them to complete word spellings using the missing short vowel sound. 

Full to Consolidated Alphabetic Phases

Your child knows the most common sounds of all 26 letters of the alphabet, and can slowly blend them together to form words. 

Print them. Write on them. Print them again. Texts focus on decoding, learning through text, and encourage spelling and writing practice.

Full alphabetic phase texts range in length from 20-350 words each, with texts increasing in length throughout the series. When a book within a series targets a specific letter combination, it is highlighted. Otherwise, the text is designed to integrate all letter combinations that are the focus of the series. Words with non-standard spelling-sound relationships are introduced throughout.

Text Readers

Text readers provided practice with authentic text on cross-curricular topics, including suggested activities.

Let me LeadFirst Readers: Minis.  Beginner texts of roughly fifty words that provide practice with the most common consonant sounds and short vowel sounds. 
First Readers. Short cross-curricular books of fifty to one hundred words focused on the most common consonant sounds, and short vowel sounds in longer words and sentences.
First Letter Pairs. Targeted practice with the most common consonant digraphs, TH, CH, SH, QU, CK, and WH.

Advancing Vowels 1. Targeted practice with key vowel spelling patterns, Silent E (VCe), LE, Soft C (CE, CI, CY), Soft G (GE, GE, GY), and Vowel-R. 

Advancing Vowels 2. Targeted practice with the most regular vowel digraphs, UE, EE, OA, EO, AI OE, EA. 

Advancing Vowels 3. Targeted practice with less regular vowel digraphs, IE, EI, EO, OU, OI, OO.

Advancing Vowels 1. Targeted practice with more advanced vowel digraphs, OW, EW, OW, AU, UI. 


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