Series: Word Reveal

Word work lays the foundation for developing a sight word vocabulary later on, and approaching connected text confidently.  

Word Reveals. With twenty words or less, word reveals engage partial to full-alphabetic children in first letter-sound practice with small subsets of letters. Each book uses a single vowel with select consonants. Adult read text guides children to spell and sound out first words. Take your time and explore non-sense, and real word letter combinations alike. 

Fast Flips. These books are designed for your child’s first letter sound blending. Focus on basic letter-sound relationships and first vowels, including high-frequency 2 and 3 letter words with non-standard pronunciations.

Vowel Mysteries. Help your child master short vowel sounds by completing word spellings using the missing short vowel sound.

Elkonin Spellers. Help your child practice the most common consonant and short vowel sounds in short words.