Many thanks to the individuals who have, and continue, to provide feedback and encouragement to Practice Readers Books.  Also, a big thank you to the dedicated educators and science of reading community as a whole for their passion and commitment to ensuring all children learn to read.


C. S. Young | Self portrait

Catherine S. Young specializes in controlled text for beginning readers. She has a diverse background putting research insights into practice within the spheres of education, public health, and consumer electronics. She is the proud mom of three delightful developing readers (and test subjects). Read more about why Catherine founded Practice Readers Books, or find her on goodreads.


Vanessa Moeller | Portrait by Jennifer Belanger“Vanessa wrote on the white wall with red marker.” This diary entry was written about Vanessa Moeller when she was just one; it was a portent of things to come. Now as a writer and passionate advocate for literacy and the arts, she doesn’t write on walls (much) anymore, but her words do occasionally appear on a billboard or two. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous periodicals including The Fiddlehead, Prism International, The Antigonish Review, CV2, and The Pottersfield Portfolio and have won several awards including the Atlantic Poetry Prize. You can find more of Vanessa’s work at  Portrait by Jennifer Bélanger. 
Portrait of Andrew MacLean by Alexandra Keely
Andrew MacLean is the author and podcast creator for Backyard History. Inspired by long stories about local lore he heard from his grandfather on the North Shore of New Brunswick, he began writing articles in January 2021 as a pandemic pet project to tell stories from Maritimes history. Andrew studied History at the University of New Brunswick, proceeding onwards towards a Masters at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Portrait by Alexandra Keely.  



Victoria Pelletier | Self portrait


Victoria Pelletier is an artist and educator based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She believes in making literacy and art affordable and accessible to all. You can view more of her work at Femme des Fleurs Art



Nic Charron | Original self portrait


Nicolas Charron is an animator and illustrator based in Fredericton New Brunswick. You can find more of Nicolas' work on his wixsite or deviantart.   




Rejean Roy Original

Réjean Roy is an artist based in Northern New Brunswick where he paints and explores his childhood woodlands. He has illustrated more than 30 children's book titles over the course of his career in addition to his own writing. You can learn more about his work at


Carol Savoie | Self portrait


Carol Savoie is a digital illustrator based in Fredericton, New Brunswick and owner of Curious Designs. She has a background in classical studies, environmental design, graphic design and architecture.



Nicholas Walsh | Self portrait


Nicholas Walsh is a New Brunswick illustrator inspired by the miniscule domains of nature often overlooked by many. You can find more of his work at



Noor Thaheri (Moonlight Crow) is a digital and traditional artist who loves bringing children’s books to life. 

Kelly McCarthy is a multimedia visual artist and New Brunswick College of Craft and Design graduate specializing in fine line designs. She is also passionate about teaching art and helping people achieve their own artistic visions.

Katrina Kruse is a self-taught artist from Vancouver, BC where she works as a freelance illustrator and children's book artist.


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